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Jan 20, 2015

What's New? The Future Collection by Beth Revis

Love sci-fic? Love Beth Revis? Then, you have to read The Future Collection by the amazing author of Across the Universe!
Check it out! 

This collection of sci fi stories from NY Times Bestselling author Beth Revis features worlds and technology from the future. Featuring three brand new, original tales and three reprints, each story explores a different set of characters in a different world and facing different problems in the future world.

"Doctor-Patient Confidentiality": A girl wakes up in a cryomed unit and must recall why she's there and what's she's lost.

"The Most Precious Memory": In a world where memories are sold and consumed like drugs, one deal has a weird twist.

"The Girl & the Machine": A time traveller meets someone who claims she's met his future self and that they'll change the world together.

"Lag": A reporter has found the story of a lifetime--but a malfunctioning teleportation has made her forget it...

"The Turing Test": A college student must determine which test subject is human and which is an android with A.I.

"As They Slip Away": A novella set in the world of Across the Universe, exploring the fate of a side character.

Beth's Note:

For 90 days, this collection will only be available from Amazon. This is so that I can offer Amazon readers a special deal through Kindle Unlimited while I prepare the releases for wider distribution. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, but the stories will be available everywhere after that.


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