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Apr 29, 2013

Book Review: The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden #2)
Author: Julie Kagawa
Pages: 446
Goodreads AVG Rating: 4.47
Source: ARC provided by NetGalley
Allison Sekemoto has vowed to rescue her creator, Kanin, who is being held hostage and tortured by the psychotic vampire Sarren. The call of blood leads her back to the beginning—New Covington and the Fringe, and a vampire prince who wants her dead yet may become her wary ally.
Even as Allie faces shocking revelations and heartbreak like she’s never known, a new strain of the Red Lung virus that decimated humanity is rising to threaten human and vampire alike.

THE ETERNITY CURE is the perfect sequel for such an amazing debut as The immortal rules.
Julie Kagawa made vampire books appealing once again. With a devastating decision Allison Zekemoto starts a new quest to save her sire from the grip of the evil vampire Sarren.
Which lead us to a magnificent story of loss, love, betrayal, friendship and packed action.
Kagawa’s writing is fast and addictive. A page turner.
Readers will love the world building and the development of this series.
THE ETERNITY CURE has all you’d love in a dystopian –and vampire- book: memorable characters, a sweet, sweet love story, shocking betrayals, an emotional rollercoaster and an absolutely satisfying ending.

The feelings.
Julie Kagawa made vampires worth-reading again.
That’s what the first thing that came to my mind as soon as I finished reading THE ETERNITY CURE. Yet, this is the first sentence I can think to explain why I recommend this book.
You know, after a lot of vampire books I came to that part where vampire books are not appealing anymore.  Vampires that DON’T drink human blood, dystopian vampires that are NOT ‘real’ vampires, good vampires, friendly vampires, annoying vampires… Where the hell went the real blood suckers!?
Well, I was angry, mad to authors for ruining vampires.
So, when Julie Kagawa came with this brilliant idea of vampires ruling a dystopian world I knew I HAVE to read it.
I did.
And felt in love with this twisted and dark world created by her.

The Plot.
The summary tells us that this is Allie’s quest to find her sire Kanin. I don’t know what I was expecting and I know this is not what YOU are expecting. Because THE ETERNITY CURE is an unpredictable thing that will put you on the edge of your seat. It will drain your emotions; it will make your heart stop beating.

The main characters.
Allison: She is such a kick-ass girl! Brave, selfless, strong, passionate. I know how people like to compare strong heroines, but I only can think of Allie as a warrior fighting her demon inside. That, makes Allie more real, stronger, faith-worthy. 
Ezekiel: Because, of course, this book couldn’t have been that amazing without him. Since I can’t say a lot about him I’m just going to say this: If Julie Kagawa made vampire worth-reading, Ezekiel made “good boys” worth-loving again.
Kanin: There is something about Kanin that will draw you closer.  Allie’s sire is mysterious, enigmatic, a tormented soul.
Jackal: Hey! Jackal’s there! Though, I can’t tell you about him, either. Just listen to this: You might hate Jackal but he was so hilarious, he IS the distraction you need to help yourself not to have a heart attack while reading such emotional rollercoaster.
The evil ones: Just to make sure you have good or bad surprises I’m not going to say the name of the evil ones. But you WILL certainly hate them.

The romance:
Oh man! I wish I could tell you how wonderful the romance is. Yes, because a book with no romance is not a great book like this. But I can’t tell you! You have to discover by yourself why this romance was so achingly beautiful, so heartbroken.

The ending.
A killer ending.
Is it 2014 yet?
Powerful, heartbreaking, heart-stopping, a cliffhanger one… no, more than that! Killer is just the perfect word. If you thought that all the good thing that I said about THE ETERNITY CURE are not enough, well, then you better read it yourself and then thank me!

Gracias! <3


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