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Oct 1, 2012

Sweet Evil Read Along: Week one

This is the first Read Along I join and I'm really enjoying it!
You can still join to this amazing thing hosted by Mindy at Magical Urban Fantasy Reads by clicking on the banner.

This week topic: Road Trip.

I'm not a much traveler person, but every year my most awesome road trip is when my old friends from School and I have our annual "Trip of Friendship"
There a lot of things that I can't leave behind even when I'm with them, like, at least one book. And my music! I cannot forget my ipod even if my life depends on it.
I have a problem they call "The Sailor Syndrome" or "car sick" I get dizzy every time I travel by car if the windows are closed. So, the only way to avoid it is trying to focus my attention on another important things. 
So, that's why I always take a camera with me and try to capture my favorite moments.

Like this.

I prefer road trips when the lights are so not bright. Early in the mornings or a little late, like sunset and twilight are my favorite times to on a road trip.
Don't you think the sight is beautiful?

 Also, if I'm going to take a long road trip this have to worth all the sailor-syndrome-drama. And so, the place where I'm going has to be quiet and peaceful. 

This Week Chapters.

Last night I was planning on read only the chapters for this week, but guess what? I couldn't stop myself, of course!
So, thanks again to Mindy for this awesome idea! I'm reminded why I loved Sweet evil like this (and Kaidan!)
My favorite part of this was the humor, I didn't know it could be so funny, coz I started reading it just because it has a beautiful cover. 
I loved Jay and the way he and Anna seem happy together. And I love the idea of a boy-girl friendship, I think that sometimes a boy can understand you better that another girl.

And then... Kaidan Rowe.
Man, I think I didn't feel this way since I met Jace from the TMI!! He is sooo awesome/hot/sexy/swoonworthy/lustworthy.

Poor Anna! I felt sorry for her and all the pressure to have Kaidan by her side during all the road trip.... Okay No, I just felt so damn jealous!
This chapters were the best and most breathless beginning of an incredible story.
I loved every part and I can't wait to read it completely... one again!



  1. Those are some awesome pics! I get motion sick too! I've had that problem ever since I was really little.

    I's hard to stop reading only just the designated chapters. :)

  2. Pretty picture! And awesome idea to take a trip every year with friends to keep close. I get super car sick as well so I prefer planes which I also get sick on but at least they are faster! LOL


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