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Oct 2, 2012

Daemon Invasion 2.0

Yeah, you read it well!
Daemon Invasion Round 2 is here! If you had fun and were part of first Daemon Invasion, then, this is your time to join once again!

Nominate Your City for the OPAL Release Party!

The hottest alien returns to America.
But where? YOU DECIDE!

Read this frequently asked questions to know a little more about it:


Q: How do I nominate my city?
It’s simple! Fill out the form above with your city name and a link to your blog post pleading for your city, an image of 50 of your closest friends dressed up as aliens, a video of you reading from Obsidian, a homemade book trailer, a funny tweet, whatever you can think of that might catch our eye and show us your city holds the biggest fans of the series, and then submit it to Twitter with the #DaemonInvasion hashtag and voila you’re nominated!
Q: Why should I nominate my city?

Umm you saw the amazing grand prize listed above, right? Free books. Free swag. A chance to get an autograph from the author. A chance to take a pic with Daemon. Yeah, that’s right. Now go enter your city!

Q: How is a winning city selected?
The Daemon Invasion team will select the final winning cities based on creativity and response from the fans (we hear retweeting links helps ;) ). The final cities may not have the most retweets, but they’ll probably have the most creative (or insane) links to prove they’re Super Fans.

Q: What if my city doesn’t have a bookstore willing to host the party?
Unfortunately, we need a bookstore to host the party. If no bookstore in your city is willing to host the party, we’ll need to choose another city. But don’t worry, we’re sure to find a bookstore who wants to participate in most any city!

Want to know more, read the rules?
Then, just click on the banner and make sure to enter and have a chance to win an amazing price!


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