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Oct 18, 2012

Sweet Evil Read Along: Week 3

This is the 3rd week in the Sweet Evil Read Along.
I'm so happy to re-read this book, that I forgot just to read the chapter for this week, and I read it all everytime.

This week Topic: True or Dare.

I pick true, because as my friends say, Im an open book, I have no secrets, and I like my life, as boring as it is.

- I hate my middle name, it's the most horrible name on the world.
- I have a cat named after a mouse of a tv show.
- I love glam rock!!
- I had chicken pox 2 years ago, when I was 20
- I don't have any tatoo or piercing or crazy hair colors.
- My most favorite character ever is Simon Lewis from the TMI series.
- I don't have a boyfriend since 2006!!! and I'm not lesbian or super cold, I just cannot find the right one.
- I work as waitress
- I don't have any "mortal" friend. Just online friends.
- I live with my mom, my dad, my 3 brothers and sister.
- I'm an amateur writer
- When I was 17 I sang in a local band, I danced in a group and I wrote a "novel" for my school's artistic class (best year ever!)
- I love Johny Deep and Helena Carter.
- I have a Spanish book blog named Nox Invictus (I named it that way after a phrase in City of Bones by C.C.)
- I'm catholic.
- I'm truly madly deeply scared of dying.
- According to my friends I'm the poorest blogger alive! Almost all my books are are gift... they really pity me! and I don't like it, cause at least I can afford to buy kindle books, and I don't do piracy!

This week chapters.

In this part I was starting to feel sad because I knew it was almost the end of the book... well, sort of.
I loved Kai even more, and I loved the idea of Kope as a 3rd in a love triangle, I honestly liked him, but he isn't my kind. So, I was on Kai's side all the way.

I still don't trust Anna's dad! there's something about him that makes me warn Anna.
And still, she is so good, and she accepts the things he says... I have a very bad feeling!

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