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Oct 16, 2012

My Bookish TOP 3: Best Dystopian of 2012

 My bookish Top 3 is a weekly segment where I show you my favorite 3 favorite things about books.
I'm a huge fan of list. But sometimes my lists are too long that I prefer to do a lot of little list. And that's why I'm posting my bookish Top 3.

One of my favorite genres of recent times are the dystopian. But I have read many dystopian books, and all they were very good, so, I began to categorize them by tags. 
Today I present my tags: dystopian, 2012. 
You could say they were my 3 favorite dystopian books of this year. I hope that if you haven't read them, decide to give them a chance because they deserve it.

Julie Kagawa.
I loved all the books in the Iron Fey series of this writer and I was one of the lucky ones to have a copy of the book before publication. I must say I fell in love! This book is the beginning of a fantastic trilogy.  
Besides being a dystopian book with all the factors of this genre that I love, it is also about vampires, friendship and feelings of people like trust, love and disdain. It's wonderful!!

Lauren Oliver
After Delirium broke my heart, I was afraid of what would Pandemonium. Again I was lucky to read an advance copy and again it broke my heart. This was the only book in a while that has left me depressed for a week ... and not only due to the end so stupendous, but the fact of knowing that I have to wait so long to read the end ... I'm dying!  
In this sequel you can expect the best of the author, although a little less action, romance, contradictions, pain and love.

Veronica Roth
This time, the continuation of Divergent takes third place, because to my view it was a bit weaker than the first book. This story is amazing, yes, but there was a "I-don't-know-what" that left me wanting more. But on this journey through the world of Tris, we find more action than before, doubt, guilt, longing, betrayal. It's totally brilliant.

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