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Jul 5, 2012

Blog Tour Stop: Sovereign Hope. Interview with Frankie Rose

So, this day is the 3rd in the week when I'm hosting a Blog tour stop, and one of the most fantastic.
Today I have for you an interview with this beautiful persona: Frankie Rose.
So, lets her answer my silly questions!
But first. Be sure to met the right place to stalk her, by clicking HERE

1. Do you remember the first time you wrote a story? 
Wow, the first time I wrote a story was probably when I was a teenager for school. We were asked to write a story that would create a suspenseful atmosphere, and I remember mine was about a girl being chased through the streets at night. It was short- only about 2000 words- but I really loved the challenge, and I was hooked after that.

2. What was your happiest moment in your childhood? 
I think the happiest memory of my childhood has to be at Christmas. I don’t remember how old I was but I come from a big family and everyone was together. I remember in particular I got a massive, beautifully illustrated book of Alice in Wonderland, and I loved it more than anything else in the world.

3. What inspired you to be a writer? 
I wanted to be a poet first, and the desire to become a write books followed shortly after. I loved poetry because it was amazing to me that other poets out there could inspire such emotion in me with such a short passage of writing. I wanted to be able to write beautifully like the other poets I looked up to, so I set out to learn how. I still love writing poetry. It clears my head. I realized that writing novels is kinda similar to writing poetry, in that you’re still giving someone a gift if you’re doing it properly. You’re just taking them on a longer journey, where you get to share even more with them. That excited me more than anything.

4. Except of writing, what else do you love to do?
Photography is a big hobby of mine. It’s essentially the visual version of writing- explaining and telling stories with what we can see. I’m a bit of a geek, too. I love watching sci-fi movies! I spend a lot of time doing origami as well. I’m an incredibly impatient person, and I’m trying to change that about myself by practicing something that takes patience and persistence. I don’t know if it’s working, but I’ve got some cool stuff made out of paper now, either way.

5. What kind of book do you read? Any favorite? 
I read all kinds of books. I was never really into romance until recently... which is strange because I wrote a paranormal romance novel! I usually love off the wall literary fiction, like The End of Mr. Y, and the Raw Shark Texts, but recently I’ve been obsessed with the YA genre, both contemporary and paranormal. It’s impossible to really pick an all-time favorite book, because my preferences change on a daily basis with my mood. For today, anyway, my favorite book is Slammed by Colleen Hoover, who is an extremely talented indie author.

6. How do you created the plot for Sovereign Hope? Did you have so kind of divine dream? 
No, I spent a long time thinking about Sovereign Hope and how to make it individual and unique. I hope I’ve accomplished that. It definitely didn’t come to me in a dream. I spent ages considering how to make a paranormal storyline interesting. I wanted it to be different than vampire and werewolf stories that are out there right now. There are just so many of them, and while some of them are mind-blowingly good, I wanted Sovereign Hope to be something completely new. I knew who my characters would be straight away, though. They were with me from the first moment I decided to write a book.

7. In Sovereign Hope, I could read a lot of beautiful names. Why do you choose those names? I mean, somehow you met a person named like that? Or you just liked those names? 
I heard someone called Farley in a movie a couple of years ago, and I loved it. I can’t remember what film it was, but I do know that they character in the story was a guy. That didn’t matter to me, though. I knew it would be an awesome name for a female protagonist. Daniel’s name came naturally. It’s a part of his character and he couldn’t have been called anything else. No way, no how!

Agatha’s name came from a little research into where she was born and what was popular at the time. Aldan… Aldan’s name, I kind of made up. I couldn’t think of anything that I’d already heard that suited him, so I just sat there and thought on it and it came to me. The other names- Beatty, Cliff, Otis, Brynn, Tobin- all just came to me as I thought about who the characters were and what their personality traits were.

8. What can we expect of Eternal Hope? 
Way more interaction between Farley and Daniel, obviously. They’re not bound by the same restrictions that they were in Sovereign Hope, so they get to know each more and spend a lot more time together ;)
We’re introduced to many new characters in Eternal Hope. A lot of people have told me that they wanted to get to know Kayden more, so they’ll be pleased to learn that Kayden is one of the main characters in the second book. We finally find out why he and Daniel have been fighting for so long, too!

9. If you could make a scene between one of your characters and a character of another book you love. Who these characters were? 
Hmmm… that’s a really interesting question. I’m not sure. I guess it would be neat if Daniel and Farley were thrown into the Hunger Games with Katniss and Peta! Ha ha… I don’t think anyone would stand a chance against Daniel, though. He has an unfair advantage with his power and the fact that he can see in the dark.

10. What do you like to say to all the readers? 
There’s a million different things I’d like to say to them! Mostly, I want to say thank you for being amazing, and for joining me in all the fun I’ve had creating this world. And also I want to thank you, Lis, and everyone else for joining me in the hunt for the perfect guy to be Daniel on the cover of Eternal Hope. I want to share the book with everyone, and it’s wonderful when people get involved!!

See? She's so amazing a kind!!! You need start stalk her!

And now, my review of Sovereign Hope

Title: Sovereign Hope (Hope #1)
Author: Frankie Rose
Pages: 391
Goodreads AVG Rating: 4.75
Summary l Add here
Everyone has a soul
Some are just worth more than others
Farley Hope was seventeen when her mother disappeared. In the last six months not much has changed, except that her eighteenth birthday came and went and still no sign of Moira. Her life is just as complicated as it always was. Since her father died in a car crash before she was even born, she’s officially parentless, and to top it all off she’s still suffering from the hallucinations. Mind-splitting, vivid hallucinations- the kind prone to induce night terrors and leave you whimpering under your covers like a baby.

My thoughts.
Okay, here I go again.
I was planning on write this review since the day I finished reading the book, but guess what?  It didn’t come good.
Every time I start writing I ended up repeating the “I loved it” phrase. And you know that’s really annoying!
Once again I don’t want to say a lot about the plot cuz it was so unique that I want you to live the thread getting caught surprised of such amazing scenes and characters.
Did I say that I loved Daniel? Naw, I haven’t mentioned him!
Well, Daniel is that dark and mysterious guy stalking Farley at the beginning of the book. AND HE IS HOT!
Yeah, that kind of sarcastic and tormented hot… yep, one of those we love.

He sighed and dropped his smile, straightening up to look at her seriously for the first time. “I’m Daniel, the guy that saved your ass yesterday. But don’t worry- you’re welcome.” He turned his back on her and walked over to the kitchen sink, putting down his sandwich and dusting off his hands. “And for the record, those guys aren’t coming. I wouldn’t get your panties in such a twist.”

Frankie Rose introduce us into an amazing and unexpected world. With powerful people that won’t stop till they get your soul *creepy* Oh yeah, and they are immortal.

Evil immortals, hot guys, smart heroine… still don’t catch it?
Ugh! In that case I have to mention Kayden… But who is Kayden? He is a boy with a bittersweet relationship with Daniel, I still know too little about him, but the most important: HE IS HOT AS WELL.

He didn’t appear uncomfortable that he was wearing nothing but his boxer shorts, and in fact he seemed quite pleased with himself as he arrived in front of them....
Yeah... that was Kayden.

Oh my! Now I have to stop talking about hotness, but how can I do that? THIS IS YOUR FAULT FRANKIE!!!!

And back again to the main topic. Sovereign Hope (which title I always write bad! *smile* I’m a Latin girl!) is an exquisite story.
Well-writing, with incredible characters, and a strong voice.
The ending was powerful, not a heartbreaking, but a lot of actions scenes one.
So, I said YAY!!! After the last page.
Is that clear, right? THIS BOOK IS GREAT!!!
You must to read it!

About the author.
As a child, I was always accused of being bookish because I wore glasses- big, horrible, ugly ones with too-thick lenses. Those kids, the super smart ones who always know which tender insecurities to poke at in order to provoke life-long complexes, used to accuse me of reading too many books and that my eyes were going to rot out of my head (their words, not mine!)
The truth of the matter was a little more embarrassing: I used to sit too close to the T.V. That was the reason why I had to wear glasses, but kids don’t really care about small, insignificant details like the truth, and so I was labelled a nerd. The label kinda stuck, and after some sage advice from my awesome nana (nana, you rock!) I decided that if I was going to be abused for my supposed literary obsession, I might as well develop one.
I guess that’s how I got into books and reading at an early age. Since then, I’ve been ripping through books like they’re going out of fashion, which, thankfully, they’re not. Good thing, too, because I’m a writer now, and books are my business!
Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me on my journey- look for your names in the acknowledgements! And a big thank you to you, the reader. I hope you’ve fallen in love with Farley and Daniel just like I have, and that you’ll join them in the next book, Eternal Hope!


  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2012

    Hey Lis!! Yay! You sell me this book. I need to get it, sooon!!!!
    Uff! If Daniel looks like that, I need to meet him. Plus, the summary sounds really good!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Frankie is funny and kind! I agree!

  2. This looks like a good book. Thanks for the review!

  3. The cover looks really nice!

  4. The book sounds great. I have never actually heard anything about it until I came across your review. Now, it has been added to my TBR. So, thank you for your review. I look forward to checking this one out!

  5. I was just passing through to fill out for the Summer bloghop, and ironically found your review of the very book I had just finished reading! I so agree with your review! I love the book too ;-) I wanted to write a review on Amazon but I'm terrible at putting together reviews without bringing up the plot. I admire those of you who do the book review blogs and aim to do one myself when my kid gets in school.


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