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Jul 6, 2012

AYE!!! I'm Team Kilt! because I love you Logan, Zach and Jeri!

Okay I had the most difficult time since the day I met the YA Crush Tourney matchs!!
I AM TEAM KILT but I never imagined the first match of Zach will be against the amazing Alex from Delirium... So, I thought. I won't vote! I love both too much!
But then... it was Logan... and then it was Jeri!
Which leave me with an only option. I AM TEAM KILT! HELL!

So, today with less than 8 hours to close the votes, I'm asking you. VOTE FOR ZACHARY!!!!!

 Oh, right... I forgot, you're one of my Latin friends, so you don't know what I'm talking about.
Entonces te lo digo en espanol. Vota por Zachary!

Still don't understand? Well, then maybe my little cousin has something to tell you...
Vicky!!! Diles lo que les quieres decir!
Now, do what she said!

Oh, one minute... you don't understand because you're one of my German friends...
Ugh! then, I have to tell you in german... on wait... I don't speak german, well, just a little...
Dann muss ich es auf Deutsch sagen : Stimme für Zach!!!!!
Sehen Sie?

Okay, and if you haven't understand what I want... my dear cat has something to tell you, too!
Trilo?? sagen Sie!!!!

 And now, of you are one of those amazing readers... I have something to tell you, TOO!
Yeah.. ejem... that's me!
And that was enough!


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  1. You're so adorable on being such a loyal fan of Zachary and because I admire your posts on your blog, I will definitely vote for him. Thanks for posting yet another cutesy article.


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