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Jun 1, 2014

Book Review: Fearscape by Simon Holt

Fearscape (The Devouring #3)
Author: Simon Holt
Pages: 314
My Rating: 4 Stars
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It's been a year since Reggie first discovered the Vours, and the winter solstice is approaching once again. It will be another night of unspeakable horror for those unlucky enough to be taken by the Vours, because this time, she won't be able to stop them. The Vours have imprisoned Reggie in a psychiatric hospital, where she is subjected to a daily routine of unfathomably sadistic experiments. Her life is a living hell, but she won't give up. They attacked her brother. They killed her friend. And Reggie will never stop fighting back. 
Fearscape, Book 3 in the Devouring series, ends this chilling trilogy with a thought-provoking and deeply frightening story that will leave you with lasting terror.

For starters since this is ender-series I’ll try to keep this review as spoiler free as possible.
If you aren’t familiar with this series let me tell you this: The Vours are “evil demonic beings that inhabit human bodies on Sorry Night, the darkest hour of the winter solstice.” A person who is possessed by a Vour retains all of the memories but the person is left in a place called a fearscape, which are landscapes crafted from a victim's deepest darkest fears. 
In this book Reggie, the main character is imprisioned by the Vours and tortured.
That’s all I can say without giving away too much.
Fearscape is a thrilling conclusion to this series. Simon Holt has created a dark and chilling place where all the nightmares come true.
The characters are strong, determined and valiant. I’m really happy I was finally able to say goodbye and read about Reggie, Aaron and the Vours once again. They’re such great characters and I wish I had more time with them. Yes, even the Vours, they are the best villains I’ve ever met.
I never forgot how much I love the world of The Devouring Trilogy. The world building and plot are unique and disturbing.
The only thing I didn’t like about Fearscape was the romance. In the previous books the romance was almost inexistent and in this one was a little disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad; it was just because I liked better the wrong boy...
Anyway, Fearscape was a great conclusion to this amazing series. Simon Holt did an amazing job creating a finale full of suspense and mysteries.

 The dark has teeth and it will bite,
It feasts begins on Sorry Night.
When cold and fear are intertwined,
They'll chew up your heart and feed on your mind.
Where have the souls gone? What do they see?
The gateway to Hell's eternity.

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  1. Happy to hear you enjoyed this one! It sounds way too scary for me, haha. I'm glad it was a satisfying ending for fans of the series. It's too bad about the romance though (I always seem to fall for the "wrong" boy in books when their are multiple love interests. Sigh...)


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