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Feb 27, 2014

Twin Covers #4

A while ago, after I found a lot of covers alike, I realized some people don't know about them and it was a good idea, or at least funny idea to share those "twin covers" with you.

 To be honest, I forgot I had this feature on the blog. Last time I shared the twin covers was on August 17th of last year (check here), but after reading a blog post at Ya Romantics, which is absolutely fantastic, btw, I did remember "Twin Covers" and I found 3 post I had saved on my "proof" blog. 
So, today I want to share one cover that left me speechless because, seriously, I thought the covers for The Covenant series by JLA were unique.

See what I'm talking about... 

Brown Eyes is a novella, so it's not a big deal as I once thought. 
But I still want to think that the Covenant covers are exclusive, if that's a right way to see it. 

Something similar happened when I saw the cover of Sentinel. It reminds me of Looking for Alaska by John Green, but no, they're not the same...


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