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Dec 31, 2012

Rock On! The author of December: Elizabeth Norris (Interview!)


Welcome to the celebration of my favorite books of this year.
Each day, I will be featuring my favorite book and author of each month. And at the end of this celebration you'll have the chance to win a hardback copy of a book by one of my favorite authors.

In the last day of this year I knew I had to end up my celebration of the best of 2012 with something fantastic.
So, I picked Elizebeth Norris with her book Unraving which I read at the on early December. 
And Liz was, as JLA, so kind to give me an interview for this lovely blog.
That's why to do this feature even better. I AM GOING TO GIVE THE WINNER OF THE GIVEAWAY A SECOND BOOK.
Yes, the winner of my giveaway will pick 2 books of my favorite reads of 2012. (Thanks to Addie for her donation)


Elizabeth Norris briefly taught high school English and history before trading the southern California beaches and sunshine for Manhattan's recent snowpocalyptic winter.
She harbors dangerous addictions to guacamole, red velvet cupcakes, sushi, and Argo Tea, fortunately not all together.
Her first novel, UNRAVELING (Balzer+Bray, April 2012), is the story of one girl’s fight to save her family, her world, and the one boy she never saw coming.
Find her: Website/ Twitter.

As usual, my questions are almost the same, cause I REALLY want to know this things about my favorite authors.
Thanks to Liz Norris for this interview.
Here you are...

1. As an author, I think you put a lot of your own feelings in the lines you’re writing. How do you feel when you’re creating those wonderful stories? 

You're so right. A lot of my own feelings go into my writing which means the scenes I'm writing often affect my mood. If I have to write a sad scene sometimes I get really depressed. There were a few scenes in Unraveling, one in the middle and one near the end, and I cried through both of them. 

2. Do you write with a playlist? 

 I did. I always put together a playlist when I first start working on a project. Music helps inspire me. "We are Broken" by Paramore was inspiring for Unraveling. 

3. I am a freaky, obsessive, perfectionist, cover lover. And I really LOVE the cover of Unraveling. Do you think it match with the history? 

Thanks! I was so excited with the cover concept. I thought it really reflected how I thought of the book. (The numbers in the background definitely work well with the countdown!) I also really love the UK cover. I really lucked out with the cover gods! 

4. I f you could put 2 of your characters in a scene with other 2 characters from another book, which those characters could be? 

I'd love to put Janelle and Barclay into Kristin Cashore's fantasy world and have them meet Katsa and Po. I think they'd get into trouble together but also have a cool adventure. 

5. Why would you recommend Unraveling? (Not as an author, but as a reader). 

I love it because of the mystery, the twists, and of course the romance. 

6. Could you tell your readers a little about you, when you’re not writing? 

I'm a little boring. I read a lot of books and watch a lot of TV. Right now I'm obsessed with Homeland (the suspense!), Scandal (the romance!), and Vampire Diaries (Damon!). I love animals, especially dogs--I babysat a chihuahua puppy last weekend while his owners were gone and he was such a little devil but he's so cute. I'm also always on a mission to find the best chocolate ever. 

7. Are you planning on writing on another genre in the future? 

Yes, after Unbreakable, my next novel is a contemporary mystery for YA. At some point I'd also love to write an adult novel with a magical realism element.


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