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Dec 4, 2012

Cover Wars (9) Delirum by Lauren Oliver

 Cover Wars is a blog segment where I present you the different covers of a same book.

This week, I found some awesome covers of the book Delirium by Lauren Oliver, when I first read this book, it has just the light-blue cover, and I really liked it, but then I realized that around the world there were a lot of beautiful covers. Some prettier than others, but almost all of them reminds me of the story.
And here you are!

  1         2   3      4   5       6 7         9       10   11     12  13     14

Okay, all these covers ARE from Delirium!! 
See, there were even more, but some of them just changed the colors, so, I picked just these 14. 
And since they're so many, I don't remember to which editions they belong to, and decided to pick my favorite by the numbers. 
OMG! I can't even think about talking about all of them. That's why I'll pick my 3 favorites and my 3 least favorites.

Number 2: I love the model, she's so beutiful and look almost shy. She is like the Lena I always imagine.
Number 5: Gosh! That's so elegant, is the only word a can use to describe it.
Number 14: Love the colors and the pose of the model

Least favorites:
Number 3: I don't like the model at all, she's not the Lena I imagined.
Number 6: I don't even understand that cover, seriously?
Number 11: No comments. I simply don't like it.

And that is. Today I don't have a winner I have 3 favorites and nothing can change that. I also like the Russian cover (number 12), it's different and pretty, just like the cover #13, the problem with that is that the girl makes me think of Hana and I always thought the girl in the cover has to be Lena.

So, you like them all?
They're awesome, aren't they?
Have a beautiful and perfect week!!


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  1. I personally love the original US cover. The remake would be my second choice.


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