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Nov 21, 2012

My book boyfriend #19: Drew Carmichael

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I´m currently reading Timeless, the book 3 in the Transcend Time Saga, I have to say that I didn´t remember Remembrance a lot, but when I started reading Timeless, I couldn't believe I forgot about Drew, that boy  I loved before so much. So, today, my book boyfriend is Drew from Remembrance, Vengeance and Timeless by Michelle Madow.

“You’re everything to me—you always have been, and you always will be. Always and forever.”

“I want you,” Drew said. “Just you. I used to go through every day without thinking about the future, but with you all I can see are the possibilities of the experiences we could have together.”

“All I could think about while driving after you was how it was about to happen all over again and that I would never be able to feel your warm skin under my hands or look into your beautiful blue eyes, or tell you how much I love you.”

“Last Friday in the music room, every word I said felt like I was taking a knife to my own skin, cutting so deep that I thought I would never know how to not feel pain again,” he said, his voice remarkably calm for such a strong statement. “The worst of it was knowing that in fighting us being together, I was still causing you pain. I can’t do it anymore.” He stood still, focused intensely on me. “Do you believe that we have the ability to change destiny?”


  1. Ahhhhh le sign how amazing is that first quote! I want someone to say that to me please!!


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