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Oct 22, 2012

Fragile by M. Leighton, Blog Tour & Giveaway

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My review.

Author: M. Leighton
Pages: 294
Goodreads AVG Rating: 4.15
Source: Provided by author for review.
Her heart, as delicate as glass. His love, as strong as steel. Can either survive life and death? 
Hardy Bradford is an eighteen year old football phenomenon who has the girl, the school, the town and the future in the palm of his hand. His life is all mapped out for him, right down to who he’ll marry and how he’ll become a professional football player. It doesn't seem to matter that Hardy would’ve chosen a much different life if it was up to him. But it's not. At least not until his Miracle comes along. 
The first time Hardy laid eyes on Miracle St. James, he didn’t know who she was, but he knew she was something different and that he’d never get her out of his head. And he didn’t. Now, months later, Hardy’s world is turned upside down when Miracle shows up in his class, stealing his heart and forever changing the course of his life. 
Miracle’s sick. Very sick. And Hardy might be losing the only thing in his life that has ever mattered. How much is too much to sacrifice for the one you love? For just a little more time? For just one more chance? Can Hardy be the hero Miracle needs? Or is it Hardy that needs saving?



Fragile by M. Leighton is one of those books you want to read when you read the summary. I know that you can think it will make you cry. But let me tell you, that yeah, it will make you cry but possibly in a very good way.
I was really happy when I realized the book was told from Hardy point of view. I love male POV, and Hardy wasn’t the exception. You can find a young boy with young problems, and dreams, and the trouble that means to want something that your dad doesn’t approve.
Hardy’s life was that typical false life, till Miracle appears.
I honestly think that his crush on her was too fast, but he can’t help it, and that first apparition of Miracle deserves all.

Miracle is sweet, and cute and strong.
I was really wrong about her. I thought that because she is sick, she will be sad and depressive, but it was all the way around. Miracle is a girl you would love to be friend with.
And then is Cheyenne, Hardy’s ex-girlfriend. She was the bitch of the story. That girl you easily hate with all your guts. 

But that was also a "one-point-more" for this book. This time the boy doesn’t give up with the girl he loves.
It doesn’t matters what his father thinks, doesn’t matter what his classmates think, all that matters was stay with Miracle, and protect her from threats of life.
Even though this book was so, so sweet I was thrilled to discover how exciting turns the end, and I don’t mean it has tons of action or a big drama. I mean, this book goes to be sweet, to be hot.
Just then I realized that M. Leighton was also the author of The Wild Ones, a +18 book with a lot of good critics. So, this woman really knows how to write romance and scenes of passion.  

The fact that Fragile had a very good hot scene doesn’t make it less YA, it was just perfect.
I almost never liked to read Romance, but Fragile taught me never judge a book by its genre.
This book is an amazing love story everybody has to read.

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