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Sep 3, 2012

Interview with Diana Nixon, author of Love Lines

Hallo readers! Today I have the honor to talk a little with the awesome Author Diana Nixon, she was so kind to stop by and tell us about her and about her books.
Hope you enjoy with us!

Hi Diana! thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
I really want to do this interview with you, and I’d like to know a little more about you when you aren’t writing.
For starters
1.       Talking as a reader, why would you recommend Love lines?
It’s a story about beautiful love and true friendship, never ending fight between good and evil, adventures, mysteries and magic. I would recommend this book for all the fans of young-adult paranormal romance, fantasy and love at first sight.  

2.       Do you have (now) a crush with any character?
There are so many good books and amazing characters that it’s really hard to pick one of them.

3.       How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?
Frankly, I don’t remember:) About 15 years old, maybe. Though I do remember that it was a wonderful love story:)

4.       Do you have pets? In any case, what person (fictional or real) would you like to name your pet after?
I do have a cat, a golden Briton. His name is Mouse. Kind of offending name for a cat, I know:) But it suits him perfectly.

5.       What kind of music do you like to listen when you’re writing?
It depends on my mood. Sometimes I listen to something alternative, like the Lifehouse band, and sometimes I like pop.

6.       Do you speak any other language?
My native languages are Russian and Belorussian. And I also speak English, Polish and Spanish.

7.       My common question. If you could put 2 of your characters in a scene with 2 characters of other book. Who could be those characters?
A very unusual question, I should say:) Well, let me think... Maybe Kaidan from Sweet evil by Wendy Higgins and Daemon from Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout with my Eileen and Amanda. Though I’m not sure about the scenario of that scene:) Something romantic or some fight of their super powers?.. Yes, I would choose the last option, as I can’t really imagine my characters having any romantic relationship with the strangers.

8.       Can you tell your readers about you as a writer?
First of all, I write stories I would love to read myself. I don’t like too slow developments, so all my books get to the meat of the plot from the very beginning. Every time I’m describing some place or some situation I’m trying to make it real, so the readers could have a very clear picture in their minds. I like to compose funny dialogs and add more mysteries to every my book.

9.       What can you tell about Love lines, where the name came? Things like that.
When I was thinking about writing a book, I wanted to create some good and romantic story with something very special and different from most of the stories of the same kind. I was thinking about the way my character’s relationship would be developed and then I came up with the idea of their magical bond and those lines they had on their palms. It made my story more mysterious. Everything is based on people’s emotions, worries and experiences. The inner world of my characters is very diverse. They are all different and I tried to show just how their unique personalities would coexist. Adding some flowers’ descriptions and sophisticated spells I wanted to make my book recognizable and memorable.

10.   Is there any kind of book that you’d love to write in the future?
I’m thinking of writing a trilogy about guardian angels. I’m working on its plot and want to make it different from everything you have ever read. I hope I will succeed:)

11.   Where can readers stalk you?
Here are some links:
My official page -
             My Goodreads page -
             My Facebook page -

Okay, now, go to the 5 crazy questions.
1.                   Have you read TMI by Cassie Clare?
I read only the first book and still hope I will find some time to finish this series.
2.                   Do you like dystopian books?
Not really:)

3.                   Which is your favorite Holiday?
Definitely Christmas. I like everything about this Holiday, including trimming the tree and making presents.
4.                   Do you like Orlando Bloom?
Lol, it IS a crazy question! I’m not his biggest fan, but I like his movies.
5.                   Have you ever thought about being a model, actress, or singer… the typical dream job?
Well, I’m not tall enough to be a model and I’m not brave enough to be an actress or a singer. I’m a lawyer by profession and I’m a writer by heart:) This is what I like most.

Okay, that’s all I let you in peace now!
Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my silly questions!
Best of wishes!


  1. Diana Nixon : Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed here:)xoxo

  2. Hey! thanks to you for the chance!


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