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Sep 12, 2012

Book Review: Perception by Lee Strauss

Perception (Perception #1)
Author: Lee Strauss
Pages: 234
Goodreads AVG Rating: 4.46
Source: ARC Provided by Author
Summary / Add here
Seventeen year old Zoe Vanderveen is a GAP—a genetically altered person. She lives in the security of a walled city on prime water-front property along-side other equally beautiful people with extended life spans.
Her brother Liam is missing.
Noah Brody is a natural who lives on the outside. He leads protests against the GAPs and detests the widening chasm they’ve created between those who have and those who don’t. He doesn’t like girls like Zoe and he has good reason not to like her specifically.
Zoe’s carefree life takes a traumatic turn. She’s in trouble and it turns out that Noah, the last guy on earth she should trust, is the only one who can help her.

When I received this book I knew I had to read it fast to be on time for the release date. I didn't know if I could do it, but was counting on it. 
Of course I did. And I'm so happy to say that after like... one month I read this book in two days!!! Yes! It's been a while since I don't read any book so fast. I thought I was losing my charm, lol!
But I wasn't because I made myself do it, it was because this book worth it. I felt it!
This is book is a SF/mystery/romance/YA that got me trapped. It caught my curiosity and it was satisfactory in the end. I ended up wanting more and so much MORE.

I loved the technology terms, the language used by the author and, SURE! the scenario. I love S/F thing, I love dystopias, I love all things that have a link with different scenarios placed in the future.
Zoe, the main character is a GAP (Genetically Altered Person), and it's awesome! Note that I was so silly that I forget everytime what GAP means. So, I have to use my notebook to write it. Not because it was difficult, but because the first time I read it, I was dirtily distracted by the radio. So, when I just realized GAP was Genetically, blah blah blah, I just laughed like a crazy becuase it was so obvious!
Silly, silly me!

The characters.
Even though I think I needed to meet Liam a little more to understand the love Zoe feels for him, it was easy to like her. She is smart and strong... and hell, so brave! So, after she started to noticed Noah, I realized she was very human as well, I feel her like a real person, with all her doubts, her mistakes and her feelings.
Noah was a love... well, gorgeous and hot, too! He is not a GAP, but the mysterious and revolutionary guy I know must of us would love to meet someday in our dystopian dream.
Well, Zoe wasn't the perfect for him, but he didn't discriminate her, he learned to love her even against his own beliefs. They're both cute and strong.
The villian... okay, it can be spoiler, so I won't say who's the villian, I'll just say he bad, very bad... AND I LIKED HIM! BRAVO! I like villians, can't help it!

Okay, it wasn't that I really didn't like this part.
But I wish the beginning was different. I couldn't feel the conection between Zoe and her brother in that exact moment. But it was just me, because I like a little more drama.
Also, I would like a little more action, Zoe did it well, and hell, she surprised me! but next time I'm waiting more fights, action.

The conclusion.
I loved this book, it was unexpected and well created, Lee's writing was intelligent brilliant. It was a fast read and I enjoyed everytime with the characters. 
Plus, I won't lie.
I would LOVE to live in Zoe's universe. I want to be a GAP, lol! And I want the ComRing.
And, of course, I want Noah Brody!
Thanks so much to Lee for letting me have the chance to read this amazing book.


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