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Aug 2, 2012

Book review: Crimson Groves by Ashley Robertson

Crimson Groves
Author: Ashley Robertson
Pages: 282
Goodreads AVG rating: 4.06
Source: Book received for the author
Summary: l Add here
Abigail Tate was a normal human girl. Until the day Bronx the vampire barges into her life and turns her against her will. Held captive while forced to deal with never ending cravings for blood, Abby prays for a way to escape. Only when an opportunity arises, it's with the aid of an innocent human named Tyler--except vampires are forbidden to interact with the unbitten. But Abby quickly learns this human has secrets of his own...secrets that can either help her or get her killed. Only Abby discovers that she was the one with the biggest secret of them all.



First all of thanks to Ashley for the chance to review her book and for being do kind with me.

When I start reading Crimson groves, I was so excited to read about vampires again. It’s been a while since I read The immortal rules (the last vam-book I read). And I missed them!
The first thought I had while reading it was: “On man! I love those names”
And I really do! Abigail Tate is such a good name, a little too sweet, but great. And that’s the thing. I loved Abigail, she was so smart and strong. I enjoyed reading her POV’s coz she’s funny, she is “crude” strong and smart.

“My heart desires you. My lips crave your lips. All they have is the memory of how wonderful you taste.”

The plot is cool, and I have to say it was unexpected, first I thought Abby was about to fall for Bronx and then……
Okay, don’t want to spoil that!
This story was unique, I liked Abigail’s role in the plans of the most powerful vampires.
And then, it was Tyler… this Tyler drove me crazy!!!!!!!!! I swear it!
He was so good, so sweet, so perfect, but then….. Arg!
I know I’m not being coherent, I cannot be! I feel so confused, because I think the story is amazing. Ashley’s writing style is great. The plot, the story-line is really good…

I think it is supposed to be this way, that there is a reason for what happened. And I’m so glad coz this book made feel. And my ratings are about what books make me feel.
So, I felt excited, and angry!
I also have to say, it went to my “powerful” category, the ending was… that, powerful.
This book made me remember why I love vampires so much.

He bit down hard into my neck, almost hard enough to pierce my skin, and sucked at it feverishly. I thought I was going to explode. My body felt like a weightless inferno. I crunched down on my bottom lip and squeezed him even tighter into me.

I loved it!
But I gave it 4 roses, BECAUSE of Tyler! I blame you, Tyler!
Oh, yeah. I forgot about Stone… BIT ME PLEASE! :)
Now, YOU! -Person who is reading this kind of review- have to try this book!


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