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Mar 23, 2012

Play my book (1) The iron queen

Play my book is a blog segment created by Nox-Invictus.
This feature is for book and music lovers. It’s about posting a song that you can relate to a book, a song from an author’s playlist, or one mentioned in the book you’re reading. So you can have the perfect “soundtrack” of that book.

This week, I'll present you a song that always makes me think of The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa. If you have read this book, you know what I mean, other way, you have to read it, so you'll can understand why this song is perfect for this book!
It's like this lyric was created specially to "that" part of the book. 
And if you want to wath the video, just click "here"

So, this is the part of the lyric for Say Goodnight by The Click Five.

"Baby just say goodnight
I'll be gone tomorrow
Baby just close your eyes
I can't take the sorrow
Baby just walk away
You know i can't stay
There's no easy way to say goodbye
So baby just say goodnight

We're in a spell that never ends
The empty hourglass wore me thin
So let the phone do it's work
Your voice is heaven
But it hurts
Your words are memories
But they burn"


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