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Mar 12, 2012

It's monday! What are you reading? (1)

 It's monday! What are you reading is a weekly meme hosted by Book Journey

If you're wondering why I'm participating in this meme, the answer is easy. I joined because I realized Katy, the main character on the Lux series, is an amazing blogger like us, and this meme is one of the segments on her blog.

Well, this week I'm reading Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr.
This is the third book on the Wicked Lovely series, but after a "stop"
of Aislinn and Seth story (Ink Enchanted wasn't about them), the action continues...
So, I really want to now if Aislinn will ends up with Seth or Keenan! and what will happen with that new evil Bananach (that name makes me laugh!)
I'm excited! I want to read it, soon!, well, finish reading, really.
And after that I'll read Crossed by Ally Condie, hope this is better than Matched!

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