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Mar 29, 2012

Cover Wars (4)

This week the war is between the two covers of the book Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Maguire. My currently reading. You can say the one that is better, but you have to pay attention to the other one.

There are too many reasons to think the cover 1 is better or more beautiful than the cover two. But, I'm halfway to the book and till now I'm starting to think that this cover with the tatoo, is the better to show up the story. Now that I meet Abby and Travis I believe that the word "disaster" is the most important part in this case. And as you can see. The cover 1 don't really mean disaster.
Even though I have to admit that this tongue repels some people to pick the book.
In thar case, if some one sees the cover 1 she is called to buy it.
Just for that reason, today the winner of this war is... The cover #1
What do you think?

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