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Feb 24, 2012

Cover Wars (2) Hex Hall

Cover wars is an idea of Sammee @ I want to read that to show the international covers of the same book, and pick the best one

Hex Hall, Rachel Hawkins

Spanish                                                                     US


UK                                                                            Bulgarian

As you can see theBbulgarian and the UK covers are similar, but the bulgarian is really really really "nasty" I think the 3 girls are Elanie and her friends, but they look like "tabledancers"... wow! for me it's... very bad taste!
And although I have read the book 1 I can't say what the cat means?... can anybody help me??

Anyway, I like the US cover is nice to know that the water shows another different person.
I love the UK cover, the uniforms are wonderful. I love them! And I love their shadows!

And the last, the spanish one... That's why I read this book. I love the... smoke? in form of a flower, and well, I can be stupid, but I love the girl's nose!

So, the winner in this war, at least for me, is the......

Spanish cover!

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