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Feb 23, 2016

What's New? Scythe by Neal Shusterman


I just read the best news ever. A new Neal Shusterman Book!!
You probably don’t know this, but I’m a HUGE fan of his Unwind series. I adore those books to pieces. Even though I haven’t read Challenger Deep or Bruiser (I have them), I want to read every book written by him.
And this new series? Oh my Gosh, it sounds absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait to read it. After all these dystopias, an Utopia?

Check it out!

Expected publication:  November 29th 2016 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Two teens are forced to murder—maybe each other—in the first in a chilling new series from Neal Shusterman, author of theNew York Times bestselling Unwind dystology.

In a world where disease has been eliminated, the only way to die is to be randomly killed (“gleaned”) by professional reapers (“scythes”). Citra and Rowan are teenagers who have been selected to be scythe’s apprentices, and—despite wanting nothing to do with the vocation—they must learn the art of killing and come to understand the necessity of what they do.

Only one of them will be chosen as a scythe’s apprentice. And when it becomes clear that the winning apprentice’s first task will be to glean the loser, Citra and Rowan are pitted against one another in a fight for their lives.
You can read HERE what Neal has to say about this new series.


  1. Omg this sounds so good! I have the first two books in the Unwind series and this month for my IRL book club Unwind was picked so I'll be reading it soon! Glad to hear that it's good! :)

    1. I hope you love Unwind! It's such a great book!

  2. WOAH! I like the cover! I've not read anything by this author. Perhaps start with this one? ;)

    Lovely post, Lis!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  3. I'm not familiar with Neal's books but I love the sound of this one! Keeping an eye on it ;D


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