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Feb 10, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Won't Let Go by Avery Olive

Hello! Welcome to the blog tour for Won't Let Go by Averly Olive.
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Series: Won't Let Go #1
Release date: December 14th 2013
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press Inc.
Purchase: Amazon
My rating: 4 Stars
Seventeen-year-old Alexia Stone never wanted to move cross country. And she certainly never wanted to share her new bedroom with an amnesiac ghost boy desperate for her help.
But after setting aside the assumption she’s gone crazy, Alexia engages in the impossible—she agrees to help the ghost discover who he was and what happened to him. Convinced this mystery is what’s keeping the phantom in the world of the living, Alexia puts her heart on the line to find out what his unfinished business might be.
Ultimately, Alexia must decide what’s more important to her—keeping her phantom boyfriend or helping him finally find peace in death. What she didn’t plan on was not having a choice. One of them must move on, but what if neither wants to let go?

My review.

 I'm a huge fan of ghost stories since I read the Shade series by Jeri Smith-Ready. Won't let go isn't like Shade, but the feelings and the mystery feels like that.
I loved the author's writing style, it was fresh and made of Won't let go a fast-passed read.
I didn't know what to expect from this book, but I'm so glad I give it a chance because I enjoyed reading it even though many times it made me sad.

This story is about love and loss. You know it's hard to lose someone and then lets go. 
Reading about dead, in this case ghosts, it's not easy, and even if I love them, I don't usually read these kind of books because I always end up comparing them to those first ghosts books I read and loved before. But I'm glad to say that Won't let go worth the time reading it.

I think this is one of those books you have to read without reading the summary. I always talks about the surprise of discovering a new story, well, I'm saying it once again. I don't want to talk about what happened in the book because you have the right to go blind and discover this fantastic world.
Today I'm just saying that I enjoyed this book, I liked it a lot.
And I hope you give it the chance! Won't let go was a beautiful paranormal romance.



Avery Olive is Canadian. She is married and has one child. When she’s not helping raise her very energetic and inquisitive son, she can be found working on her latest novel--where she devilishly adds U’s into every word she can.
When she is looking for a break Avery enjoys cake decorating, losing herself in a good book, or heading out to the lake to go camping.
The release of Avery’s first novel proves to her it won’t be the last. As long as her family continues to be supportive, she can find the time, and people want to read, Avery vows to keep on writing.




  1. Nice review. Glad you liked it :)

    1. I did! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thanks so much for having me on your blog and doing a review! Glad you liked the book :)


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