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Jul 23, 2013

Book review: Ink by Amanda Sun

Author: Amanda Sun
Pages: 384
GR AV. Rating: 3.60
Source: ARC provided by Mira Ink
Katie Greene is lost in the wake of her mum's death. Sent to Japan, she meets gorgeous but aloof artist Tomohiro, whose tough attitude intrigues and scares her. Then things get really strange. When they're near each other, Tomohiro's drawings start to come to life…
Soon the wrong people begin to ask questions, and Katie and Tomohiro must risk everything to protect the truth.

Ink by Amanda Sun is a stunning novel that mixes two cultures in a tale of ancient magic in a modern and beautiful setting.
After a terrible lost, Katie moves to Japan, to a new life in a different land, far away from everything she ever known. There she meets Tomohiro, a mysterious and hot guy whose drawings seem to move...
The story is told from a fresh POV. Readers can see the beauty of Japan and what it means to live in a place where you’ll always be a foreigner.
The touch of darkness in the mythology and the perfect way the characters were created make of Ink a truly unforgettable story that will keep readers on the edge of their seat, begging for a little more. Amanda Sun described masterly the kami’s world leading you to an addicting plot and elegant writing-style.
Ink is a book for all anime and manga’s fan, for every reader that enjoys paranormal romances, magical places, well created characters and mind-blowing action.

On the personal side.

I love manga, animes, doramas and Japanese TV shows. This means that either I like it or not, I know a lot of things about Japan, the culture and the people. I was really excited when I started to read Ink, because I never read a book where the main character is connected to this country, and I really wanted to.

Ink never disappointed me. Amanda Sun did a great job creating this world, and specially these Japanese characters that looked like real Japanese people!
I liked Tomo’s annoying attitude because this is exactly the way we come to see Japanese guys acting in the TV series.  Yuki, Tanaka and Jun were unique and different as well.
The setting of this stunning world is almost nostalgic; you can relate perfectly to Katie’s pain and her view of everything around her.

The romance in this book is sweet and hot, wild and shy… and though, it kind of felt like an insta-love, the author gave us the time enough to fall in love with Tomo, to meet him better and see what tortured and sad soul he was. It helped the plot to be better than a child-ish love story. The feeling behind Tomo was dark and deep, linked to the ink a way we never expected.

If only there was a thing I didn’t like about this book, it was Katie’s immaturity sometimes. I get that she was hurt and a little lost, but when she finally gets Tomo’s attention, after she finally gets all that she wanted from him, some of her thought were a little out of place. Sure thing she was strong enough to keep going, she didn’t escape and that makes of Katie a better characters that what I was getting.
So, again, the author did a great job even fixing that! She made Katie’s redeem of her silly scary thoughts. That has my entire respect!

The ending of Ink is pure awesomeness. There were things that I already expected (but that’s just because I’m an evil genius, or that’s why I want to believe), but the really unexpected turn was great to read.
The action, the battle, the new characters, the discovery… everything we get in these last chapters will make you want to read the next book as soon as possible.
Ink was a unique, fresh and brilliant paranormal book.



  1. Glad to read a positive review of this! My feelings were really mixed-like I loved the setting and the "ink" but was less enthusiastic about most of the characters who I didn't really click with.

    1. Yeah, I've heard about that a lot. Most people didn't like the characters, I just a problem with Katie, but the others were great! (or that I thought, maybe because I love anime!)


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