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Jun 8, 2013

Stacking the Shelves #17

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I ordered these two books via TBD 1 month ago! It took them 1 entire month to come. I was seriously hating TBD and so worried they were lost. But I finally have Finale and WAMS.
 I can't wait to end these series!

For kindle.




  1. I haven't read the Hush Hush or Soul Stealers series personally, or the TMI novellas. I hope you enjoy them though!

    My Haul

  2. I loved the first book in the Bane Chronicles! Great haul:)

    My StS:

    1. PS; new follower on bloglovin!

  3. Great haul! I have the first three books in the Hush Hush saga, though I have yet to purchase the last one. I hope you enjoy everything!

  4. I actually just finished Finale a few days ago :) With All My Soul is also really good. Hope you enjoy all your books!

  5. Some nice titles there. I loved WAMS. In fact I loved the whole Soul Screamer series but I have never read the hush hush series though i do have book 1. I hadn't heard of the Bane Chronicles but given the authors that Cassandra Clare is co-writing with ( and the fact I also like cassandra Clare) I might look into these :-)

    You can check out my STS here:

    happy reading :-)

  6. Really great haul. Happy reading :)


  7. TBD takes so long sometimes! Happy Reading!
    Stacking The Shelves @ Oh My Books!

  8. Yep, with free shipping also comes...wait for it...slow shipping! Awesome right? :D
    And ugh, I still have to read the Soul Screamers series; I've heard so many good things about it!
    Enjoy all your books & thanks for stopping by my STS! (:

  9. I have GOT TO check out The Bane Chronicles! I love Bane!!! Great haul! Happy reading.
    Our Week in Books @Libby Blog


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