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Jun 12, 2013

Quick-review: Bridge (Logan's novella) by Jeri Smith-Ready

Bridge (Shade #2.5)
Author: Jeri Smith -Ready
Logan is barely seventeen, and barely dead. To find eternal rest, the ghost rock star must make peace with his brother Mickey, before his guilt over Logan’s death drives him to suicide.
Krista sees ghosts everywhere, but never the one she needs most. A chance boardwalk encounter with Logan turns her Senior Week party into a rescue mission. Can her own grief give her the strength to save Mickey’s life?
Loaded with bonus material, the “Bridge” ebook is the perfect introduction to the young-adult Shade trilogy—a tale of ghosts, music, and everlasting love.

I'm sorry! Today I'm just a fan, I can't say something meaningful or great, or... whatever, because I just finished reading Bridge... Logan's novela.
Do you know who is Logan? No?
Well, Logan is my favorite book boyfriend of the whole world. Logan is my favorite character. Logan is my lovely ghost rock star... sighs, I could cry right now, you know?

Bridge is the story tells by the POV of Logan Keeley, I think this happens after Shade but of course! before the ending of Shift. You know, Logan is so damn cute and good that he can't think of find his eternal peace leaving his brother so sad and feeling guilty about what happened. 
So, Logan gets the help of a post-shifter and heck! my baby boy rocks it!

Oh, and let me tell you something better... Bridge is written in verse! yes VERSE!!
Since the first line you can tell ¨This is Logan¨
Bridge is one of the best novellas I have read, so you HAVE to read it. It is more than good, and if you already read the Shade series this is even a better option to see the world  of the pre and post shifters through Logan's eyes.

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