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Jun 4, 2013

Fashion me #2 Dressing like Juliette from Shatter me.

Fashion me is new blog segment where characters teach us how to dress.
Do you wanna dress like a book character? Well, this is the perfect place to start.

Today I'll show you to how to dress like a pretty dystopian kick ass girl. Juliette!... and while you're here, who knows maybe you'll learn to look like someone Adam or Warner could madly fall in love with :)
Check it out!

"I’m wearing dead cotton on my limbs and a blush of roses on my face."


"I’m wearing a dress the color of dead forests and old tin cans.
The fit is tighter than anything I’ve worn in my life, the cut modern and angular, almost haphazard; the material is stiff and thick but somehow
breathable. I stare at my legs and wonder that I own a pair."


" I’m wearing someone else’s T-shirt. Someone else’s pajama pants. Someone else’s slippers"


"There’s built-in lining for where underwear is supposed to
be, extra support for my chest, a collar that goes right up to my neck, sleeves that touch my wrists, legs that touch my ankles, a zipper that pulls it all
together. I examine the ultrathin material. It feels like I’m wearing nothing. It’s the richest shade of purple, skintight but not tight at all. It’s breathable,
oddly comfortable."


"I always choose a dress with pockets because I don’t know where else to store my notebook."

Now, get ready! Dress like Juliette!


  1. I love the dress on the cover! How can you not? White, billowy, sexy and still you can manage a good kick when someone needs one! Love it!

  2. HAHA this was a very interesting post (:!!! Thank you for sharing... The t-shirt and pj pants sounds like me (;! Best of wishes keep up your great work!!


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