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Feb 12, 2013

Covermania #10

Covermania is a blog segment where I post my favorite covers. No links, no book descriptions, just the images that make me want to read the book.

Hello dear readers!
Today, while chating over Facebook with a dear friend, I just realized there are some BEAUTIFUL new covers that I had to add to my Covermania's list.
I have to say that I was blown away when I saw the cover of The Shadowhunters' Codex. I don't usually read the books that aren't part of the 'story' but I think I'll be reading the Codex just for fun... and for the cover! I don't know why but that's my favorite cover of this week. So, is Tidal (The Watersong #3), I have a good feeling about Daniel in the cover!! ... but that girl? It's Penn? Don't know, if you haven't read this trilogy, do it! It's really good.
So, these are my favorite covers of this week!






  1. Oh MAN!! Some of these are SO awesome! I love the Consume cover!! Ive never heard of it before, but i love it!!
    And of course, i love anything Amanda Hocking

    -Theresa Jones

  2. I love the cover from Shards & Ashes <3 And Let the sky fall is also very pretty!



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