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Jan 31, 2013

My Never-ending Booknotes: Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini


My Never-ending Booknotes is a weekly meme created by my awesome friend April @ Books 4 Juliet  where we can share our favorites quotes or conversation from a book.
If you want to join, just go HERE and have fun.

Today I have TWO weeks since the day I started reading Starcrossed, but for some reason I still don't understand, I just haven't finish it!
I love geek mythology, and I'm really enjoying the story, so, I hope (FOR GOD'S SAKE) that tonight or tomorrow morning I can be done!
For now, I show you some of my favorite notes of this book!

“I was a little worried she might try to drag me off to hell and drain my essence at some point, but I figured that was still better than having Gretchen for a best friend.”
“Helen felt as if the whole world had turned into some gigantic punch line that she had waited patiently for, and then when she heard it she found it insulting. If she had been in a comedy club she would have gotten up and walked out, but instead she had to go to the comedian's house after school and let his cousin beat the crap out of her.”
“The Gods know what it is to be eternal, and they love to toy with mortals who use absolutes.”
“I was right.' She dropped the sword and grabbed Helen in a hug. Then she started jumping u and down, making Helen jump with her. "You're not dead! This is... You have no idea how happy I am I didn't just kill you!' she squealed.”


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