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Jan 5, 2013

~A little belated~ Cover Reveal: Hurt by Tabitha Suzuma.

Since I read Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma I was expecting to read more books by her. I thought her writing was so touching and deep that I needed something like that again.
So, this: Hurt,  is a book in my list of MOST WANTED, I swear, I'd kill to get a copy of this one, and I don't know why. I just feel like I need to read it.
So, when I see the cover for Hurt I started asking my friends to add it to their list.
I love the cover!
I LOVE the boy in the cover!
I love the title!
I love the summary!
Please, add this book to your list and enjoy the waiting with me.



Why? is the burning question on everyone’s lips. Why would a guy like Mathéo Walsh want to die? At seventeen, he is Britain’s most promising diving champion. He is a heartthrob, a straight A student and lives in one of the wealthiest areas of London. He has great mates and is the envy of everyone around him. And most importantly of all, he is deeply in love with his girlfriend, Lola. He has always been a stable, well-adjusted guy...

Until one weekend. A weekend he cannot seem to remember. All he knows is that he has come back a changed person. One who no longer knows how to have fun, no longer wants to spend time with his friends, no longer enjoys diving. Something terrible happened that weekend – something violent and bloody and twisted. He no longer knows who he is. He no longer trusts himself around people: he only wants to hurt, wound and destroy. Slowly, he begins to piece back the buried, fragmented memories, and finds himself staring at the reflection of a monster.

Tormented, Mathéo suddenly finds himself faced with the most devastating choice of his life. Keep his secret, and put those closest to him in terrible danger. Or confess, and lose Lola forever...

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