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Oct 24, 2012

Sweet Evil Read Along: Week Four

This is the last week in the Sweet Evil Read Along, I had a great time, and I loved reñ-reading this awesome book. So, a big thanks to the host and co-hosters.

This week topic: Halloween

I can't say that I love Halloween cause it isn't really important in my country. But I love reading or watching what it means to other people. 
I love watching scary movies, and see costumes.
I have to say that ALL MY LIFE I wanted to dress like a vampire. Always. 
But that wish is bigger since I read Vampire Kisses... yeah, that was my very first book about vampires, and I just feel like Raven, wanted to sleep inside a coffin, or find that sweet and hot vampire as Alexander.
So, everytime that Halloween comes, I feel like I'll never be really happy if I never become a vampire for a day.
Some days ago I dressed up as a faery for a book contest, but it wasn't that I was really dying to win the book, it was that I NEEDED to dress like a faery! lol!
In fact, I can say, even though I don't celebrate Halloween I love see it in other people.

This week Chapters.

I re-read the last chapters of Sweet evil (again) yesterday. I loved how Kaidan is started to showing Anna a little more about his feelings. He's becoming sweet and I really loved him even more.
I still don't trust Anna's dad., but I couldn't help wondering why, he doesn't look really bad.
This last lines were awesome. It has the kind of ending I love in a book. I can't wait to read the next book!!!


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