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Sep 24, 2012

Cover Wars #8 Shatter me

Cover Wars is a weekly segment, an idea of Samee @ I want to read that.

Hallo reader!
It´s been a while since the last time I posted my Cover Wars #7
Ha! that's what I said last time. I have to admit that sometimes I forget about my own blog segments!
Well, I found these covers on Goodreads, and I am so happy to share them with you in case you haven't see them.

Let's start with Shatter me Cover wars!

1.       2.  

3.           4.   

5.       6.      

 7.         8.   

Holy mother of God! I'm thrilled to see such BEAUTIFUL covers for the same book!!! I can't believe I didn't know about some of them!
Now, this is my absolutely favorite Cover Wars of all the time!
If you want to see all this editions or add one to your list, just click here and maybe you find the one for your country, as I did.
La piel de Juliette!!! (Juliette's skin) I didn't even know that Shatter me will be published in Spanish, now, I need it!
But, start again.
As always, go in order.

Number 1: Amazing, the one that makes me want to read the book.
Number 2: Amazing, this is art.
Number 3: Amazing, but it's almost the same as The carrier of the mark
Number 4: Amazing, I love the number!!!
Number 5: Amazing, all is broken, It reminds me of Juliette.
Number 6: Amazing, seductive.
Number 7: Amazing, dark, mysterious.
Number 8: Amazing, I love the colors, but this is the weakest one.

Now, If I have to pick my favorite. This is becase, it's beautiful, indeed. It takes me to the story. It makes me want to devour the book. It's strong and stunning.
And of course, it was the first cover I saw.

And the winner of this little war is...
Cover Number 1. 
The US first edition!

Bravo! and bravo for all of them!


  1. My goodness they are all beautiful!
    Especially 3,6, and 7!
    But my favorite has to be #2!
    It's just incredible!

  2. I love this!!
    I love the different covers.
    BTW- Im a new follower via GFC,
    feel freeto come follow me back at My BLOG


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