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Jul 19, 2012

Cast-Ing #5 Sabine Campbell

Cast-Ing... because we always wanted them to be real.
This is a blog-segment where I'll make my own "casting" for characters or places that make think of a book.

Sabine Campbell from the Soul Screamers series, is one of my favorites characters ever! She is strong, realistic and very sincere. If it something I could love the most about her is her sincerity. Somethimes I even thought she is stronger and better than Kaylee... 

 “So, how do you know Kaylee?” Luca asked, and I could tell from Sabine’s evil grin that I wasn’t going to like her answer.
                “Oh, Nash used to not-quite-sleep with her, and I hung around to reinforce the ‘not quite’ part. But I’ve been relieved of duty on that front,  since Kaylee dumped him for his brother in a nasty public spectacle. It was quite the scandal, even for those of us who saw it coming.”

Yeah, that's Sabine! And I always use to think of her when I see this pic of Katy Perry.
BTW, If you haven't read the Soul Screamers Series, you have to do it, soon!


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  1. I loooove Sabine as well! And that's such an excellent quote and picture. They both really capture the essence of Sabine ;)


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