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Jun 17, 2012

Ya Crush Tourney (My nominations!)


It's time to nominations for the Ya Crush Tourney 2.0!!
And this time I'm supporting Team Kilt. Specially my FOREVER LOVE Logan Keely!
 Go here to The Ya Sisterhood, and enter the name of your favorite boys. But DON'T FORGET TO VOTE FOR THE SHADE BOYS!

Just like a example, here are mines:

1. Logan Keely -Shade by Jery Smith-Ready.

2. Augustus Waters -The fault in our stars

3. Four -Divergent

4. Cricket Bell -Lola and the boys next door

5. Zachary Moore -Shade by Jeri Smith Ready....

See? It's easy. Just don't forget to fill the form just ONCE, ok?

You still have time. Support ZACHARY!!!!!  He is now the number 17.
Help Team Kilt



  1. Thanks for nominating Logan & Zach, Lis--you rock!

  2. My God!!!!!!!! YOU rock Jeri!!!

  3. Wow I can't believe it's that time again. I am a Zach fan so I'll be sure to get in my vote.


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