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Jun 14, 2012

Cast-Ing #3 The Star

Cast-Ing... because we always wanted them to be real.
This is a blog-segment where I'll make my own "casting" for characters or places that make think of a book.

My cast for this week is from the book The Star by Javier Araguz & Isabel Hierro.
I loved this book so much because it was awesome, different, with amazing descriptions and a very well created world in chaos. But at the same time, this world was full on fantasy and epic.

This is how I picture the houses where Lan and the other Salvian lived.

Picure by Soulful Nature

And this is exactly how I picture the forest when the "Change" or the rupture of the quitude was happening.

Sorry I didn't find a better pic, but this is exactly my picture of the Star Walkers.

About the book.
The Star (La estrella) is a Spanish book, but it's so good that a lot of readers want the chance to give it a try. Help all the readers to have this book in English. Go "HERE" to put your name in the request for this book.
And go "HERE"  to read the first chapter "translated"
You won't be dissappointed. This book is awesome!

 The boy’s eyes glittered so strongly, presaging an imminent rupture of The Quietude. Lan was perfectly aware of the prohibition of touching a Star Walker, but right now there was no turning back as their fates had inevitably been sealed off.
Centuries ago a catastrophe turned Linde into a hostile place; since then, the survivors have learned to live in isolation within the boundaries of the Safe Limits. But, the planet is constantly subjected to a change in shape and people are lost, never return. After a violent planetary transformation, Lan, a courageous girl from Salvia clan, wakes up in the middle of the desert, only to be rescued by her worst enemy.
A young man marked by a curse.
A village hiding the biggest secret ever to be kept.
A love as dangerous as it is impossible.
A world whose surface is forever undergoing changes… when getting lost is the equivalent of death.


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