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Jun 7, 2012

Book review: Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen

Dark Kiss (Night Watchers #1)
Author: Michelle Rowen
Provided by Net Galley
Pages: 348
Goodreads AVG Rating: 3.93
Summary: Add book
 I don't do dangerous.  Smart, ├╝ber-careful, ordinary Samantha-that's me. But I just couldn't pass up a surprise kiss from my number-one unattainable crush. A kiss that did something to me...something strange. Now I feel hungry all the time, but not for food. It's like part of me is missing-and I don't know if I can get it back. 
Then there's Bishop. At first I thought he was just a street kid, but the secrets he's keeping are as intense as his unearthly blue eyes. If he's what I think he is, he may be the only one who can help me. But something terrifying is closing in, and the one chance Bishop and I have to stop it means losing everything I ever wanted and embracing the darkness inside me..

My thoughts
Where to start?
Well. My Christian principles ... Yeah,  it was not expected but I want to start with it. Usually do not read book of angels who fall in love, because that, in some part goes against my beliefs. Anyway, since I knew the cover of Dark Kiss, I decided I had to read this book. But when you start to assume the theme of the plot, it discouraged me a little ...
But to my surprise, the angels of this book in didn’t disappoint me at all. These angels, along with a few demons form a group called "Night Watchers". Beings sent to destroy the gray people, humans who have lost their souls and have become "soul-eaters" ... through kisses ... Yep, they steal souls through a kiss.
The principal character of this book is Samantha, a girl whom Bishop, the angel in charge of the mission, has always called "special". Sam. Is. Special, but why?
I decided I had to investigate.

Initially the book seemed to me more than the usual. Typical girl who discovers a parallel un-known world. It even seemed a bit slow and awkward. However, as the story goes we enter a dark world never before explored.
The pace and style becomes better. You go page by page without wanting to stop reading, dying to know that the end will be and all the secrets you're about to discover.
The characters are pretty good. Sam is a strong protagonist Bishop… Oh Bishop! Not the typical bad and dangerous boy... but he’s the typical sexy, with eyes that melt.
Plus, this is “this” Kraven boy... dangerous walking and wonderful!
The ending, unfortunately, is quite predictable, after all. And leaves you hoping to read more soon.

Finally, Dark Kiss is a book for all lovers of Hush Hush ... (sorry, there is no comparison to this so close).
Although not 5 star yet. But I think depending on the next books this will got them!

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