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May 24, 2012

Cover Wars (6)

Cover Wars is a weekly segment, hosted by Samee @ I want to read that.


I've always been a book cover lover, so, when I see a cover that I really like I can't help but save it in my memory.
So, from the series with the most beautiful covers I've ever seen. Before I wake. Soul Screamers book #6 by Rachel Vincent,
The first cover is the US and the second is the UK.
Lately, I've been thinking that the UK version was so much better than the US's.
I cannot say the same this time. Just look at the first cover. The color of the dress is amazing, the model is beautiful, and I can perfectly picture Kaylee like her. Plus, the title looks fantastic.
About the second cover I just can say I like it. This color with the fire make it look like ice-on-fire. And I really like that. But this time the face on the cover is... too simple and not-so-beautiful. But the worst is that phrase "Twilight fans will love it" Shit! these books are so much better than Twilight! that words are NOT necessary! 
BTW. Enough for now. The winner of this Cover Wars is... no doubts...

The US cover....

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  1. I like the US cover - it's elegant and mysterious, while the UK cover looks generic and is a real mess.

  2. I like the US cover better. I love the colors on it. It just catches my eye more.

  3. Suz ReadsJuly 16, 2012

    I like both covers but I think I like the US one more because of the bright pink. The girl lookiing over her shoulder also looks very mysterious and makes me want to read her story!


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