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Apr 9, 2012

Play my book #2 Where she went by Hayle Forman

Play my book is a blog segment created by Nox-Invictus.
This feature is for book and music lovers. It’s about posting a song that you can relate to a book, a song from an author’s playlist, or one mentioned in the book you’re reading. So you can have the perfect “soundtrack” of that book.

Where she went by Gayle Forman is one of my favorites books. And specially because of the music. So, this time there is a song that always makes me think of this book, this story and the plot. This song is Before the worst by The Script.
If you have read the book you know why.
And if you want to check out this amazing song, click "HERE" to watch the video in Youtube.
Now, I show you the lyric.

We were sitting with our backs against the world
Saying things that we thought but never heard
Who would have thought it would end up like this?
Where everything we talked about is gone
And the only chance we have of moving on

Is try to take it back
Before it all went wrong

Before the worst, before we mend
Before our hearts decide
It's time to love again
Before too late, before too long
Lets try to take it back
Before it all went wrong

There was a time, that we'd stay up all night
Best friends talking till the daylight
Took the joys alongside the pain
With not much to loose, but so much to gain

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