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Dec 9, 2013

Dark Night of the Soul by E.M. Havens

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Today I have my review of this amazing book to share with you!

My review.

Dark Night of the Soul
Author: E.M. Havens
Pages: 166
Order: Amazon
My rating: 5 Roses.
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“So just to be clear,” I said. My voice shook a little too much for my liking. “I killed myself. I’m in some kind of Purgatory. I am now part of a band of demon-fighting superheroes. We go around saving other people from offing themselves in the real world by protecting their statues in this one. All while trying to earn a second chance at life. Or a chance to end it once and for all.”
“That about sums it up.” Marsh said, offering a steaming mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows.
What comes after life? Jayden Schroeder is about to find out. At the end of the road of despair, she ends it all and finds out that living might not have been so bad. Thrust into a strange and disparate world, Jayden joins a team of warriors from all places and time. Together they battle demons to save the souls of the living, all the while on the run from the end of all things - The Judgment.
Will she fight for a second chance to spare those she loves? Or surrender?
Dark Night of the Soul is a fantastical journey, both literally and figuratively for Jayden’s soul. Action adventure, fantasy, romance, and dark humor twist together to create an afterlife tale that will keep you thinking long after the final chapter.

My thoughts.

Dark night of the souls is an amazing book of second chances, action, romance and a fast passed read.
There’s not much I can say about this book because the summary is well explained and the book itself is like a mysterious box you have to read by yourself.
All I can do is make clear that this book is not about religion, or suicide matters. It’s not sad or annoying because that’s not the center of story. Dark night of the soul is better than that.
We find here an incredible plot where people in the Purgatory fight against demons to save the others that want to die.
Refreshing, right?

It was so difficult to put it down. The author takes me through many levels and I was always learning something new. Every time I finished a chapter I was unable to leave it and I had to read the next one.
I’m not the kind of person who loves book about demons hunters and such, but definitely this one has something special in it. The story doesn't end up there, is goes deeper and it’s a fantastic prose of self discovering with action packed moments and beautiful characters.
The story and the plot are really complete, intense and difficult to grip your mind around. But all is well explained and you get to understand the author’s vision and like me, I’m sure you’ll love it.
Although the book looks like magic and fantasy, what I loved the most is that it was realistic as well. Even though Jayden, the main character was dead, she grew up as a person and understands the wrong choices she made.

The romance was something realistic as well. You don’t know what will happen when you’re dead and fighting a never-ending war, so, you don’t make a huge and cheesy romance. They author didn’t and I’m really thankful for that.
So, since I can say anymore except that this book is unique. I highly recommend it to you.
Dark Night of the Soul is a beautiful read that you won’t forget.

The author

E.M. Havens is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom who loves to read. She lives in the Arbuckle Mountains of Oklahoma with her three kids, awesome husband, twenty-five chickens, twelve turkeys, ten guineas, nine pigs, three barn cats, two Great Pyrenees guardian dogs, a Chihuahua, one house cat, and a goose...AND she write. 
Find her: Website | Twitter

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