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Hi bookish friends!
I’m Lis Carcamo, a YA book blogger from El Salvador (that’s a tiny country in Central America where some trees are planted upside down and they still bloom).
I’ve been reading since I discovered City of Bones by Cassandra Clare back in… I don’t know, 2012 maybe? That was the very first book I read in English and the very very very first YA book I ever read.  
I borrowed CoB from a friend’s cousin that was visiting the country, so imagine my awe when she told me there were more books like that!
When she went back to the US, I ended up alone with my love for books because my friends didn’t like to read and my local library only lends classic titles.
That’s when I started blogging.
Before I managed the courage to create a blog in English, I wrote in Spanish in Nox Invictus Libros (I named my Spanish blog after a line I read in TMI). And I’ve been talking about books ever since!

Juicy Information:
-70% of the day I’m busy being paranoid because I believe in every myth my relatives tell me.
-Unintentionally, I try to learn other people’s handwriting as soon as I see it. (You see, this is really amazing when I try to trick my best friend saying Tahereh Mafi send me a letter. Spoiler alert: She didn’t and I always confess the truth).
-I’ve been single for more than 7 years! Okay, I know you must be thinking “I don’t care,” but this is kind of a record, and I’m okay with it. Charming Prince must be real, right?
-When I was in High School, I was a mix between the know-it-all nerd and the popular bitch. Years later, I realized I was The DUFF.
-I’ve written ten (10!) manuscripts since I was eleven. All of them in Spanish (of course). The first one was called “Angels In The Dark” and it was the story of a vampire that felt in love with an elf. I’m not kidding. When I was sixteen I re-wrote it and my classmates played it for a classic literature test (we were supposed to play a novel that that narrated in verse, but since no one understood it, my buddies convinced our teacher to play my “novel”). It was the best day ever! Even now that I know how much it sucked.

Not-So Juicy Information:
-I can’t speak English. I didn’t have the chance to go to college, so I learned English by myself. Usually, when someone asks me how good is my English I answer with stats.
Speaking English: 40%
Reading English: 90%
Writing English: 60%
Hearing English: 40%
I avoid speaking in English with… well, everybody because I feel super embarrassed of my accent and the words I can’t pronounce well. That’s why I love blogging (and reading) so much! It gives me the chance to practice a language I love!  
You should know I try very hard with my grammar. I don’t post anything before I check the spelling. Anyway, I’m sorry if my English makes your eyes bleed.
-Aaaand… I love hardcovers, but I read mostly ebooks because there is only 1 bookstore in my country where I can find YA books (and those aren’t new releases). I use to buy physical copies through TBD but since last year, the post office decided we have to play them for every package we receive if it comes from an online shop. It’s such a mess! To avoid all that stress, I started buying ebooks for my kindle instead.

That’s all about me! 90% of the time I’m really shy. So, thanks for stopping by! it’s a pleasure to meet you!

You can find me everywhere Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbrl, Nox-Invictus (spanish glog), Wattpad, Instagram.
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I'll be so happy to know about you.

Love lots and a happy reading.