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Sep 9, 2013

Fashion me #4: Dressing like Rhine from Wither

Fashion me is blog segment where characters teach us how to dress.
Do you wanna dress like a book character? Well, this is the perfect place to start.

Hello there!
Welcome again to Fashion me!
Have you seen the covers for The Chemical Garden trilogy? Yes? Then you already know how awesome the dress of the girl on the cover is. 
So, today I want to teach you how to dress like Rhine from Wither, the first book
Check it out and take note!

"The dress is strapless, shaped like the top of a heart at my collarbone. The train is V shaped. And I suppose, from an aerial view."
"I’m dressed in a fitted red dress that matches the color of my lips, with black lace around the collar and capped sleeves. The dress only falls to
about midthigh, and Deirdre tugs at the material to be sure it drapes properly."
"I dry my hair and dress in jeans, and a sweater that feels like heaven to touch."
"It’s a muted, shimmering pink with a hemline meant to simulate snowdrifts. The shawl glitters with pearls. She does my makeup to match."
"My dress is a short strapless number, in a shimmering aqua with black pearls sewn into vaguely floral firework shapes up one side. A black
pearl choker wraps around my throat, and black leggings and gloves will keep me warm against the biting January cold. Deirdre tops if off with
a black ribbon for my hair, to go over the baby’s breath, and a light coat of glitter..."



  1. Nice feature! I don't usually notice the descriptions of clothes so much in books but merely skim over them. If a particular dress style comes up, I google it in image search but that's all.

  2. I loved reading the descriptions of Rhine's wardrobe, and wanted so bad to find one of those cachemire sweaters!
    Lovely feature!

  3. This cover is pretty much my favorite YA cover ever. I don't usually read clothing descriptions very closely (except for Claudia's outfits in the BSC series) but Rhine is a character I'd dress like had I the budget.

  4. Love the cover. I think I like her clothes in general- seems to be lots of pretty dresses! Super cool feature btw.

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex


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